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Crispus Attucks Community Center

The original home of the Society, the Crispus Attucks Community Center provided some financial and administrative support as a fiscal agent. The Society is now an independent organization.


Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology

For about 2 years before COVID-19 pandemic, the Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology hosted the Society's meetings at their Orange Street campus. The college print shop also provides very low cost printing services for Society brochures and historic tour marketing material.


Shreiner-Concord Cemetery Foundation

The Shreiner-Concord Cemetery is a donor to Society historic marker program and the cemetery and being the burial place of Thaddeus Stevens, is a key site on the Society's African American Heritage Walking Tours in downtown Lancaster.


Lancaster History

Lancaster History is the Society's current fiscal agent, receiving grants on behalf of the Society and dispensing funds for the Society related projects. The Lancaster History website hosts the Society background reports on historical markers.


Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society

Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society is a direct financial supporter and was an organizational partner in our successful Underground Railroad Learning Tour of Columbia in October 2020. The one-day event was attended by well over 80 people. the Society hopes to collaborate again in 2021 to repeat this the tour. An online illustrated summary of the Underground Railroad Learning Tour of Historic Columbia Borough, Lancaster County was produced by Randolph Harris, former Archivist, African American Historical Society of South Central Pennsylvania.


The Walters Trust

The Walters Trust of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster provided a grant to the Society through Lancaster History for training 25 people as conductors of the Society's Lancaster City African American Heritage Walking Tours during 2017 and 2018. A separate grant from The Walter's Trust in 2016 allowed the Society to publish a map of the city and to identify well over 20 historic sites that delve into the history of African Americans and the African-American experience in Lancaster.

Partner organizations

Lancaster County Convention Center Authority gives the Society access to the Thaddeus Stevens and Lydia Hamilton Smith historic site for the Society historic tours.

Trinity Lutheran Church and Saint James Episcopal Church hosts the Society historic tours.

Red Rose Transit supported a marker of Underground Railroad heritage at RRT parking garage on North Queen Street, Lancaster, and hosts the Society tours.

The City of Lancaster and the Visitor Center at Penn Square is a staging post for Society tours and hosting the Society's African-American history exhibits in their gallery space.

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